Canopy Repairs

From initial inspections, VIP Building Restoration is able to determine the need for canopy repairs. Based on visible evidence our professionals are able to visually distinguish where, how and why canopies have begun to fail. The need for immediate repairs is necessary in order to minimize hazards that threaten occupiers and visitors of the property, and avoid instances in which sections of concrete may become detached.

Over time canopies can develop cracks, due to exposure of harsh external environmental elements and corrosion of steel reinforcements takes place. At this point, repairs become necessary. VIP Building Restoration, is able to support and repair existing canopies without the need of major dismantling or serious construction, based on the severity and current state of the canopy. We apply solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the projects based on our assessment.

We apply our experience and knowledge to each project and put highly trained and professional team members on-site. We utilize the best equipment and high quality materials in order to ensure proper repairs that are guaranteed to last.