Garage Ramp Enclosures

Trusted by architects, contractors and builders, Steel Framing has been used to build thousands of sturdy and environmentally friendly homes. Please contact us to use Lightweight Steel Framing on your next project. Whether for floor joists, wall studs or roof rafters, steel and wood framed house construction is virtually the same.

The Lightweight Steel Framing advantage is its consistent engineered quality Every piece is a good piece. A steel framed home offers greater structural integrity because it is fully engineered. Roofs constructed from steel studs have excellent resistance to snow loads and wind uplift during extreme weather conditions. Interior walls made with steel framing inhibit sound transmission between rooms much better than comparable wood framing. Steel framing will not burn or contribute fuel to a fire. This increases fire safety and minimizes damage. Galvanized steel framing provides added protection from insects, vermin and decay that could penetrate lesser materials over the life of the home.