VIP Building Restoration offers versatile applications in which hydrodemolotion is utilized. We apply this approach to horizontal, vertical and overheard concrete removal projects. Our services will remove depreciated and run down concrete, leaving a surface which will bond with the overlays or repairs applied, utilizing the best materials, to complete the job.

Equipped with top-of-the-line hydrodemolition equipment to increase speed and concrete removals, VIP Building Restoration has the same productivity level compared to that of multiple jackhammers. When it comes to completing your project, VIP Building Restoration ensures safety first and guarantees to reduce construction time, eliminate risks, costs, noise and dust.

VIP Building Restoration, hydrodemolition methods are safe, reliable and effective. We provide our customers with professional staff, and the right solutions for their project needs. We keep projects on track, resulting in timely completion, while providing quality work.