Damage Restoration

Damage Restoration

VIP Building Restoration is no stranger to property damage restoration. We understand that damages to your property can be stressful and costly and therefore provide prompt service, ensuring that everything is returned back to normal. When it comes to damage restoration, timing is of the essence.

Water Damage:

We estimate that over 50% of all property damages due to water damage. From broken pipes, to natural flooding, VIP Building restoration works hard to remove the water, and prevent further issues. For both residential and commercial prosperities water damage threatens the overall structure, leading to potential issues of mould and growth related bacteria. Furthermore, water damage can affect interior furnishing, important documents and other valuable possessions.

VIP Building Restoration, will assess damages and work quickly in order to remove all water from the property. We will determine the cause of the damage and make all proper repairs that are mandatory to ensure no further damage is possible. We will provide estimates for repair, and await for authorization in order to proceed. We take the time to create solutions, therefore guaranteeing the quality of service you demand in such emergencies.

Fire & Smoke Damage:

If your property has been affected by fire and smoke, it is imperative that you seek professional services for damage restoration immediately. VIP Building Restoration, is at your service. Providing skilled and experienced specialists, we guarantee to deal with your damage effectively.
We utilize only the highest level of equipment , and follow a guided procedure in order to repair all damages. Our team is made of highly trained individuals, certified for proper care of your property. We are completely trained in cleaning procedures, deodorization techniques, content cleaning and restoration. We take great pride is fixing all that is necessary and restore your property to new.