Glass And Glazing

Used as windows or within a door, Glass is one of the most obvious pieces when it comes to a building or home. VIP Building and Restoration features a most wide ranging line of glass and glazing products.

With endless choices in the type of glass that can applied to your project, VIP Building Restoration can recommend which type of glass would be most suited to your projects needs. There are generally three common glazing configurations that may be applied to your glass selection. Glazing options are available from Single, Double and Triple Glazing. As the names indicate, single glazing includes one layer of glass, double glazing includes two layers and triple glazing includes three layers of glass. The options can affect your choice depending on the purpose of the glass. The greater the layers found within the glass, the higher insulating value the glass has.

VIP Building Restoration, is able to meet your requirements by combing your selected glass with its glazing component. Our team members are skilled and experienced, and we are able to carry out all of your window and door needs. Rest assured that we work to the standards and building codes, set out for the protection of our clients.