High Pressure Water Cleaning

High pressure water cleaning also known as hydro cleaning is the number one method to cleaning exterior buildings. When all other methods for removing the tough stuff have failed, water-blasting is the perfect solution for your project, and the experts at VIP Building Restoration make it happen.

With years of collective experience and a comprehensive fleet of state-of-the-art water-jetting machines, our team of professionals provide a wide range of services to get your job done right. Our professional machines, accessories and detergents are utilized to the specific customers’ needs. No job is too big or too small for VIP Building Restoration. We are pleased to offer the following services:

• Surface cleaning and remediation (including graffiti)
• Drain and sewage cleaning
• Hydro-demolition and concrete cutting
• Industrial and steam cleaning
• Paint Spots
• Spill remediation and fire damage cleaning

VIP Building Restoration highly recommends high pressure water cleaning for your toughest jobs, because simply put it is the most efficient method to remove the tough grim off of any surface. When the pressurized water, travels at such a high and intense speed, it acts as tiny microscopic hammers, hammering away at the affected area. Without damaging the surface, high pressure washing is a safe and effective resolution.

Contact the professionals at VIP Building Restoration, to get more information on high pressure water cleaning. We are pleased to answer any of your questions, and share with you our expert opinion.