VIP Building Restoration is an authorized paving contractor, redefining both residential and commercial outdoor spaces. We are pleased to offer a variety of paving services, dependent on your project’s needs. From Residential Asphalt paving, to Commercial Asphalt Paving, VIP Building Restoration also provides waterproofing, commercial interlocking, concrete restoration, and residential interlocking or concrete.

With guaranteed proved performance, we used highly skilled professionals for all our paving projects. we are able to remove and replace paving which is typically required for waterproofing. Our pavers are able to install new substrates, should your project require it.

Regardless of how big or small your project’s needs are, VIP Building Restoration is able to provide professional, guaranteed reliable service.

Case Study: Structure Type: Elevated plaza deck. Problem: Water leakage into the parking area below. Problem Source: Weather elements. Process: Remove the existing pavers and waterproofing material, and install new waterproofing and pavers.