Residential Multi Unit

Residential Multi Units are also known as MDU or Multi Dwelling Units. These are usually available in two types –

1. Compact housing sections within one building, also known as an apartment or a condominium
2. A row of houses within a complex, also known as a row house

Features of an Apartment
An apartment is available in several different designs and appearances. However, they share some common features, for example –

– There is, typically, an entrance or the foyer of the building
– A basement or an underground parking area
– A commonly shared staircase or an elevator
– Two or more residential units or apartments within the building. These can be privately owned or leased from a common landlord, who owns the entire building

The residents of the building, or the landlord, usually share costs for the repairs and renovations of commonly used areas. Privately owned or leased spaces need to be maintained and repaired on an individual basis.

Features of a Row House

A row of semi-detached houses within one complex share some similar features too –

– A common entrance to the complex, which is usually gated and manned by guards
– A roadway with the houses falling on either one side of the road or on both sides
– A community hall for parties and other recreational activities
– A clubhouse, gym, children’s play areas, etc are also available in some gated communities

Decisions to repairs the interiors of a house are private ones whereas the community pays for and decides about the renovations of commonly used areas.

Decisions about both types of Residential Multi Units are typically made by a commonly elected committee of members. Each member needs to pay a small sum of money on a monthly basis towards maintenance, repairs, and other costs.

Call us right now to find out how we can renovate your Residential Multi Unit within the budget allocated by your committee because we sure know how to deal with each member of a decision-making committee.